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Carrier agents play a key role in facilitating the shipping business, linking components of the grand transportation picture to see to it that companies’ goods are safely transported to marketplaces and consumers.

Many carrier agents are independent contractors. Just like freight broker agents, they’re usually the kind of people who value the ability to set their own schedule and overseeing and taking full responsibility for big decisions. These take-charge entrepreneurs help streamline the transfer of goods worth significant amounts of money to customers.

Carrier agents are in increasing demand as expectations for speedy shipping skyrockets and the worldwide population soars. Job opportunities are plentiful for these agents, who can help make a positive difference in improving transportation while saving money and protecting the environment in a highly engaging and stimulating industry.

Carrier Agent Jobs

Carrier agent jobs are in demand, facing a bright future. The number of carrier agent jobs is forecast to mushroom as the population ticks upward, particularly as online sales continue to grow and put more pressure on efficient goods transportation.

These combined forces make carrier agents prized in helping keep freight and the containers holding items moving quickly along the multifaceted transportation chain.

How to Become a Carrier Agent at PFQ Companies

PFQ Companies is made up of Pioneer Transport, Falcon Transport and Quaker Transport. PFQ Companies launched in 1976 and has blossomed on its way to becoming a game-changing company in the trucking and transportation industry. When you join our team, you join a roster of first-rate carrier agents who lead the industry in reliability and safety.

PFQ Companies’ intermodal freight transport saves our carrier agents time and money. Our van, flatbed and refrigerated services offer seamless and efficient transportation. Additionally, our regionally located operation offices carefully monitor movement to enable the safe arrival of all your deliveries.

Quaker Transportation Seeks Dependable, Trustworthy and Responsible Carrier Agents

PFQ Companies attracts carrier agents who wish to be part of a top-notch organization. Our carrier agents and trucking agents are experienced, skilled and highly motivated transportation professionals. By working for PFQ Companies, our aim is to provide you and your clients with stress-free transportation services.

PFQ Companies calls for carrier agents who are dependable, trustworthy and responsible. We excel by partnering with carrier agents who strive to do their best work and leave a lasting impression, resulting in continued business opportunities. We choose to work with potent agents who relish the freedom to do outstanding work and unlimited earning potential.

When you join PFQ Companies, we encourage you to bring your established client base. You’ll enjoy exclusive access to our online load tendering and tracking system as well as unparalleled management to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

PFQ Companies Carrier Agent Job Benefits

PFQ Companies has fostered a workplace environment that rewards our carrier agents for their stellar work. We supply our agents with accurate, timely billing for their customers, document imaging with 24/7 agent access and an option for weekly settlements with direct deposits

Explore our many other carrier agent benefits:

  • Accurate, easy-to-read settlement sheets
  • Owner and operator settlement sheets detailing revenue and costs
  • Online processing available from any computer at no cost to you
  • Limited credit risk and prompt credit approval and professional credit department
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Electronic data interchange available
  • Reasonable rates on settlement deduction available for:
    • Bobtail (Non-trucking)
    • Physical damage
    • Occupational accident
    • Health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits

Put the power of PFQ’s financially strong motor carriers to work for you!

Intermodal All-Stars

The PFQ Companies team understands better than most all the various risks and hazards that are part of life on the road. Over the years, we’ve honored these intermodal all-stars who’ve risked their lives to help complete strangers simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Carrier Agent?

Carrier agents line up trucks to transport freight from ports and/or rail depots to customers and then return empty containers. These agents are responsible for helping facilitate and expedite the shipping of freight and ensuring cargo containers make it back to their origins.

Are Carrier Agents the Same As Vessel Agents?

Carrier agents are sometimes incorrectly referred to as vessel agents. Although carrier agents and vessel agents share some similarities in terms of job function and responsibilities, carrier agents secure trucks to transport items from ports and rail depots whereas vessel agents control freight in ports and on the open sea.

How to Become a Carrier Agent?

As with freight broker agents, many carrier agents are independent workers, acting as owners and operators of their own businesses. Many who decide to enter this industry earn their stripes by working for carrier agents and then strike out on their own, starting their own businesses.

Whereas freight broker agents first seek out education at an institution such as Freight Broker Agent School, carrier agents learn on the job.

PFQ Companies does not offer a training program to become a carrier agent.

With enough experience as a carrier agent, you’re free to set up your own company. You can choose to launch a corporation, limited liability company or partnership as well as simply file a doing-business-as form, commonly referred to as a DBA form.

As your own boss, you must understand that making a name for yourself won’t come as easily as bringing star talents to an established company. In time, however, as you gain experience and build your reputation, you’ll appreciate the flexibility involved with building your own schedule and having the potential to earn as much as you’re capable of by delivering solid job performance and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. You’ll be able to build a deep contacts list of companies looking to give you business.

Carrier agents are not mandated to pursue a license or U.S. Department of Transportation number, which are two requirements freight broker agents face.