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PFQ Companies are delivering a better transportation experience for agents, owner-operators, and customers alike. Come see the PFQ difference today.

Pioneer Transport, Falcon Transport, and Quaker Transport all stand ready to deliver your loads anywhere in the country. Our intermodal freight transport saves you time and money when moving your load, while our van, flatbed, and refrigerated services ensure we can transport any load safely and efficiently.  Our fourth company, Quaker Transportation, is our brokerage company with offices throughout the U.S. Quaker is a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association and has earned the title “Performance Certified” from TIA.  Our regionally located offices follow the movement and safety of your load from point A to point B.

Becoming a Broker Agent


Put the power of PFQ’s financial strength and back office services to work for you. If you have Agent experience or transportation experience with a following of customers, you should consider becoming an Agent for us.

Agent Testimonials

Cody Howell Testimonial
Cody HowellGreat company! I have been an agent for a little over 10 years and we have had nothing but good experiences with them and prior to that my father in law was with them for 10 years until he retired. There are other agents that have been around for just a few years and some 20+.
Mike Bear Ramos Sr Testimonial
Mike Bear Ramos Sr.My wife and I are agents also, going in our 5th year and we’ve been “courted” by many companies, happy to say, they couldn’t equal to PFQ, we are lifers here, they DO treat you like family. Feel free to contact any of the PFQ agencies and they will be happy to answer any questions.
Becoming a Carrier Agent


We are always looking for Safe and CSA Compliant Owner Operators and we offer a very competitive program. Contact us to see how we can deliver a better experience.

Customers - ship with us


With multiple locations that expand the length of the country, PFQ provides drivers with amenities and facilitates a closer work relationship between the drivers and their customers. Looking for a better transportation experience? Let our skilled Independent Agents put their skills to work for you.