Freight broker agents help simplify the shipping business, connecting different pieces of the transportation puzzle to ensure companies get their goods delivered to their destinations safely.

Our freight broker agents are Independent Contractors. This means that they are paid on a commission-based program and will receive a 1099 at the end of each year.  They’re generally the kind of people who enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedule as well as making and being responsible for big decisions. These can-do people help facilitate the transfer of goods worth tens of thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars.

The demand for first-rate freight broker agents is increasing in a world increasingly dominated by fast and expedited shipping. Opportunities abound for these agents to succeed and help improve transportation while saving money and improving the environment in an exciting and challenging field.

Becoming a Broker Agent

Quaker Transportation Seeks Reliable, Trustworthy and Go-Getter Freight Broker Agents

Many freight broker agents join Quaker Transportation to work for a first-rate team. You’ll benefit from the guidance of our Team leaders and powerful logistic systems, ensuring you get to keep more of the money you work hard to earn. By working for Quaker Transportation, you’ll stand to become a leader in the trucking and transportation industry, valued for your integrity and reliability.

Quaker Transportation seeks freight Broker Agents who are reliable and trustworthy as well as boast an extraordinary customer and truck track record. We thrive on partnering with broker agents who crave to become the leader of the pack, or take-charge and highly responsible agents. We attract highly motivated and energetic agents who desire freedom to do their best work and unlimited earning potential.

Quaker Transportation also seeks freight broker agents who boast experience in government freight movements. These agents bid on government movements and create government tender, file information online and move cargo to their destinations.

As a Quaker Transportation agent, you’ll have complete access to our high-tech dispatch and imaging software at no cost to agents. These technologies are designed to help you become ultra-efficient and ultra-productive, benefitting the company and your customers.

When you join Quaker Transportation, we welcome your bringing aboard your built-up client base. We promise to forge satisfying relationships with your clients.

Quaker Transportation Freight Broker Agent Benefits

At Quaker Transportation, we’ve created an environment that rewards you for your exceptional work.

Explore our freight broker agent benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Competitive Commission earned when billed
  • Commissions settled weekly via direct deposit
  • Load posting services available
  • 21-day truck settlement
  • Fuel advances and quick-pay options for carriers
  • Complete back-office support which includes quick customer credit checks, collections, customer invoicing, carrier payments, claims management, fast carrier set up and more
  • Brokerage dispatch software installed at no cost to the Agent
  • Company email address provided