Carrier agents play a key role in facilitating the shipping business, linking components of the grand transportation picture to see to it that companies’ goods are safely transported to marketplaces and consumers.

Many carrier agents are independent contractors. Just like freight broker agents, they’re usually the kind of people who value the ability to set their own schedule and overseeing and taking full responsibility for big decisions. These take-charge entrepreneurs help streamline the transfer of goods worth significant amounts of money to customers.

Carrier agents are in increasing demand as expectations for speedy shipping skyrockets and the worldwide population soars. Job opportunities are plentiful for these agents, who can help make a positive difference in improving transportation while saving money and protecting the environment in a highly engaging and stimulating industry.

Becoming a Carrier Agent

PFQ Companies Carrier Agent Job Benefits

PFQ Companies has fostered a workplace environment that rewards our carrier agents for their stellar work. We supply our agents with accurate, timely billing for their customers, document imaging with 24/7 agent access and an option for weekly settlements with direct deposits

Explore our many other carrier agent benefits:

  • Accurate, easy-to-read settlement sheets
  • Owner and operator settlement sheets detailing revenue and costs
  • Online processing available from any computer at no cost to you
  • Limited credit risk and prompt credit approval and professional credit department
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Electronic data interchange available
  • Reasonable rates on settlement deduction available for:
    • Bobtail (Non-trucking)
    • Physical damage
    • Occupational accident
    • Health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits

Put the power of PFQ’s financially strong motor carriers to work for you!