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Freight Broker Agent

Freight broker agents help simplify the shipping business, connecting different pieces of the transportation puzzle to ensure companies get their goods delivered to marketplaces and consumers.

Many freight broker agents are independent contractors. They’re generally the kind of people who enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedule as well as making and being responsible for big decisions. These can-do people help facilitate the transfer of goods worth tens of thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars.

The demand for first-rate freight broker agents is increasing in a world increasingly dominated by fast and expedited shipping. Opportunities abound for these agents to succeed and help improve transportation while saving money and improving the environment in an exciting and challenging field.

Freight Broker Agent Jobs

Freight broker agent jobs are in demand with a positive outlook. Broker agent jobs are estimated to grow as the population surges in the coming several years and decades, especially as e-commerce sales balloon. This demand puts freight brokers into position to solve transportation puzzles shippers simply cannot address.

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated a few years ago that the number of freight broker jobs would surge by 30 percent over the next five years.

How to Become a Freight Broker Agent at Quaker Transportation

PFQ Companies, comprising Pioneer Transport, Falcon Transport and Quaker Transport, launched in 1976 and has grown to become a leading force in the trucking and transportation industry. Quaker Transportation, which spearheads PFQ Companies’ brokerage business, has earned a sterling reputation based largely on its integrity and reliability. Quaker Transportation encompasses freight broker agents spread across the United States. Our agents move reefers, flatbed, vans, hoppers, oversize/overweight, intermodal, and dry bulk and AG commodities.

Quaker Transportation offers a large database of trucks by contract, helping you provide the appropriate transportation for your freight. We also guarantee the safety of your loads by partnering with only certified carriers who have earned our seal of approval. These carriers also contract with Quaker Transportation, certifying their liability insurance and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) proof of operating authority.

Quaker Transportation Seeks Reliable, Trustworthy and Go-Getter Freight Broker Agents

Many freight broker agents join Quaker Transportation to work for a first-rate team. You’ll benefit from the guidance of our managers and powerful logistic systems, ensuring you get to keep more of the money you work hard to earn. By working for Quaker Transportation, you’ll stand to become a leader in the trucking and transportation industry, valued for your integrity and reliability.

Quaker Transportation seeks freight brokers who are reliable and trustworthy as well as boast an extraordinary customer and truck track record. We thrive on partnering with broker agents who crave to become the leader of the pack, or take-charge and highly responsible agents. We attract highly motivated and energetic agents who desire freedom to do their best work and unlimited earning potential.

Quaker Transportation also seeks freight broker agents who boast experience in government freight movements. These agents bid on government movements and create government tender, file information online and move cargo to their destinations.

As a Quaker Transportation agent, you’ll have complete access to our high-tech dispatch and imaging software at no cost to agents. These technologies are designed to help you become ultra-efficient and ultra-productive, benefitting the company and your customers.

When you join Quaker Transportation, we welcome your bringing aboard your built-up client base. We promise to forge satisfying relationships with your clients.

Quaker Transportation Freight Broker Agent Job Benefits

At Quaker Transportation, we’ve created an environment that rewards you for your exceptional work.

Explore our freight broker agent benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Commission earned when billed
  • Commissions settled weekly
  • Truck search and load post service
  • 21-day truck settlement
  • Fuel advances and quick-pay options available
  • Back office support, handling credit checks, collections, billing, on-time truck paying and more
  • Brokerage dispatch software installed free of charge


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Broker Agent?

Also called broker agents and freight brokers, freight broker agents assist shippers with ready-to-haul freight by locating carriers who are qualified to haul the load by truck, train, ship or plane. These agents are charged with brokering deals with shippers and facilitating the transportation of their freight. They maintain an open line of communication with shippers to update them on the status of their freight.

Freight broker agents streamline goods transportation, enabling shippers to devote their time and energy to their core businesses. Most shippers simply don’t have adequate experience and/or time to determine whether carriers are up to task for their freight.

On the other end of the transportation spectrum, freight broker agents help carriers earn more money by having available loads to haul. They help maximize profitability and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Broker agents contribute to a green supply chain that’s friendlier to the environment.

Truly, freight broker agents excel in providing availability and ensuring reliability.

Freight broker agents either run their own businesses or work for a freight broker company.

What Does a Freight Broker Agent Do?

Freight broker agents wear many hats, from salesperson to dispatcher and claims agent, in connecting the dots in transportation. To start out in and to build their businesses (or while working for a freight broker company), they must find carriers who are available to haul freight. Broker agents utilize load services, also called load post services, with Truckloads one such service, to connect with carriers, networking with them and building a base of contacts.

Freight broker agents also must connect with shippers—and this list of options can run a mile long. Manufacturers of appliances, clothing, computers, furniture, televisions. If you can name it, it likely has been shipped. Research these companies, or potential shippers, and contact them, catapulting your success rate by tapping into resources MacRae’s Blue Book and Morningstar offer. Even in today’s highly digital age, full of endlessly sent emails, cold calling works well, although you’ll have to expect many strikeouts along your journey. Many freight broker agents built their businesses on cold calling, with friendly, knowledgeable and confident agents instilling trust and putting shippers’ concerns to bed.

When a sofa warehouse needs to ship its freight to department stores across the United States, the warehouse’s representative qualifies as the shipper. A freight broker helps this shipper find a truck carrier who agrees to haul these sofas for less than what the shipper has earmarked for transportation costs. The freight broker bridges the gap in the transportation chain and earns commission for his or her time and efforts.

How to Become a Freight Broker Agent?

Many freight broker agents work for themselves, acting as owners and operators. Launching a career in this industry involves several steps, including receiving training at an institution such as Freight Broker Agent School.

Note that Quaker Transportation does not provide training to become a freight broker agent.

With education credentials, you can establish your own company—including starting a corporation, limited liability company or partnership—or file a DBA form, also known as a doing-business-as form.

Because you’re going to work for yourself, getting started in this career won’t be as simple as getting some training, searching for job openings and landing a position. Down the road, however, you’ll enjoy the freedom you have to build your schedule and earn as much as you’d like by being smart, resourceful, insightful and fast on your feet. You can build strong bases of shippers and carriers that enjoy working with you, continually giving you business.

To operate in this field, you’ll also need to obtain a freight broker license. Because the freight industry as a whole is expanding, this license will give you the credibility to earn money by moving freight without putting your fingers on it.

To land a freight broker license and gain this broker authority, you’ll have to apply for a U.S. Department of Transportation number. Once you receive approval, you’ll use this number to obtain a motor carrier number and broker authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You’ll do this by filling out an OP-1 Form.